Monolith # 2021

Monolith # is an interactive sound work commissioned by and& festival. In this participatory experience for four random participants, Heremans invites you on a mental journey through headphones. A voice guides you through thoughts and movements. The experience raises questions about the sociological consequences of social media algorithms and briefly brings you back from digital to real life. At the centre is a mirrored monolith: a reference to the many mysterious monoliths that appeared all over the world in 2021 and also an invitation to a contemporary sensory ritual.

Credits 2021 - commission Coproduction: STUK - House for Dance, Image & Sound, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, workspacebrussels, Werktank, KU Leuven Culture Department, Overtoon Special thanks to: Jeanna Criscitiello, Erki De Vries, Emanuele Dainotti, HISK, S.M.A.K., Recording Studio Chez Freddy

©2022 Roel Heremans