#imageofyourquarantine 2020

During the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, I made multiple 5 minute artistic experiences you can do at home, just by listening. For this project I started the youtube channel Calm & Inspired to extent my work to a broader audience.

Each meditative work has a drawing or an image as a result that contains elements of isolation and captivity, asking the participant to send the image to me or to post it under #imageofyourquarantine.

The hashtag is the meta-title of each experience (A,B,C,..). The title also refers to the compilation of images generated during the artistic experiences, only viewable as an auto-curated collection on instagram under the hashtag #imageofyourquarantine. the whole process acts as a simulation of how social media function; when offering a free service, participants work during their experience to perpetuate the system that governs the service.

©2024 Roel Heremans