S+T+ARTS The Value of Care
 S+T+ARTS The Value of Care

 Gluon, Brussels


K11 Artist Residency
 K11 Artist Residency

 Wuhan, China



Roel Heremans

Roel Heremans is a transdisciplinary artist working with ethical videogames, composed introspection & neurofeedback

In most of his works he composes fragments of audio that trigger the imagination of visitors in order to create immersive group experiences. As a result, the visitors simultaneously become actors, witnesses, performers and reenactors of mental and physical processes of thought and movement, where collective performances encounter individual reactions and vice versa.

Through immersive installations and sonorous, philosophical works, Heremans invites visitors to engage with the ethical implications of emerging technologies and explore the intersection of art, ethics, and technology. His varied practice, all deriving from these immersive group experiences, also includes video and works on paper. At the heart of his practice lies a deep-seated commitment to this exploration, making him a vital voice in his specific field.

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