Fiat Lux - Hisk Laureates Show
 Fiat Lux - Hisk Laureates Show

 Pilar Brussels

 18/11 - 06/02

Teaching at RITCS Winterschool
 Teaching at RITCS Winterschool

 RITCS, Erasmus

 10/01 - 22/01

Residence at Ars Electronica
 Residence at Ars Electronica

 Linz, Austria



Roel Heremans

Roel Heremans is a transdisciplinary artist working with sound, visualization & neurofeedback

In most of his works he composes fragments of audio that trigger the imagination of visitors in order to create immersive group experiences. As a result, the visitors simultaneously become actors, witnesses, performers and reenactors of mental and physical processes of thought and movement, where collective performances encounter individual reactions and vice versa.

By activating people in this way, Heremans generates a simulation of the contemporary world, one in which every individual is part of their own self-mirroring bubble, one in which the visitor, with their experience, remains the artist’s only metaphorical canvas. His varied practice, all deriving from these immersive group experiences, also includes video and works on paper.

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