Intervention A 2016

De Witte Raaf: The cautious contribution Intervention A: Prouvé, conceived by sound artist Roel Heremans in response to this first presentation of a house by French constructeur-architect-designer Jean Prouvé (1901-1984), contributed to a certain critical contextualization.

Using instructions in an audio guide, Heremans guides the visitor through the emergency housing on display. At times he supports an imaginary displacement of the listener in time and space, at other times he opposes the phantasmatic immersion.

Visitors who follow Heremans' instructions are inevitably confronted with each other and thus transformed into spectator-actors for each other. This invites reflections on the dubious status of this emergency home on display and on the motives of the visitors.

Heremans' critical play, however, is in stark contrast to the way in which the curators have arranged the makeshift home as a kind of period room.

Imagination Choreography for 1 visitor
7’20’’spoken words in English

tape, mp3-player, headphone
Voice by Sander Kinne

Commissioned by Contemporary Art Brussels (CAB)

©2024 Roel Heremans